About NEON Leaders

We’re a new way of working. For forward-thinking clients across industries and geographies who want to solve their business problems with pace and impact. For talent who want to continue to deliver, develop and advance in their careers whilst working independently.  

Where traditional policies and assumptions penalize those who don’t follow traditional career paths, NEON Leaders welcomes them. We enable independent talent to deliver at their best through building on their strengths and working collectively, creating a vibrant and diverse team from which we build project teams bespoke to the specific needs of our clients.  

Individually every NEON Leader has a minimum of 15 years of experience and has held senior client-side leadership roles in complex organisations.  

Collectively we offer a breadth of marketing skills and experiences which we deploy to bring deep knowledge combined with fresh thinking, always grounded in commercial reality, to solve any challenge.

Our Story

My story is not a unique one, which is why it’s our story, and a narrative we intend to change. I’m a marketing leader who, having followed an accelerated career path over fifteen years with Mars Wrigley, felt conflicted. My desire to achieve and succeed pointed to continuing to follow a well-trodden path, whilst at the same time I questioned the benefit of a linear career ladder both professionally and personally. What if there was another way?

Less than a third of the way through my career, and with a young family I wanted to be more present for, I chose to work independently for a couple of years to continue delivering at a senior level whilst broadening my experiences and network. That was exactly what I did, but it didn’t fit with the labels that existed for people like me:

• “A Consultant” — lacks identity about where you’ve come from or where you want to go.

• “A Freelancer” — delivers executional work.

• “On a Career Break” — let us know when you’re serious to get back to the real world of work.

At the same time I kept meeting talented and successful people also looking to work in different ways. People I thought I could work with and learn from. Who collectively could help more brands and marketing organisations accelerate their success. Who could change the perception of non-linear career paths by advancing in their careers whilst working independently. I thought about my previous roles, and how I could have delivered differently with a team like this a phone call away. Finally, I reflected on the lack of diversity in senior marketing roles, and how linear career paths don’t help to foster diverse talent. 

It’s time to create a new label, so NEON Leaders was born. For clients to know where they can complement their in-house teams with the best marketing talent on demand. For talent who have thrived in corporate roles and want to deliver, develop and advance in their careers whilst working independently.

Jennifer Woollford

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