Being a NEON Leader

NEON Leaders are exceptional marketing leadership talents who have thrived in corporate environments and want to deliver, develop and advance in their careers while working flexibly. Some stay for one year, some might stay for five. No one is on a career break. 

Everyone understands the importance of professional and personal growth and development, and they’re all going places.  

Working independently shouldn’t be at the expense of having a fantastic team to deliver alongside, learn from and have fun with. It shouldn’t it be at the detriment of doing meaningful and challenging work. And it certainly shouldn’t hold back progression. NEON Leaders accelerate growth. For our clients and for themselves.  


We believe talent communities need the right people at their fingertips to service the needs of their clients, but also need to function so they work for the different needs of their talent. We do this in two ways.

NEON Leaders

Our core team of Marketing Director or CMO level leaders who have all delivered across in-house marketing leadership roles. This team leads all our client projects and plays an active role in building the NEON Leaders business and brand.

NEON Network

A community of people we trust to bring the breadth of skills, knowledge and experience we need, when we need it. This is a powerful group of independent marketing talent that we regularly connect and collaborate with.

If you’re interested to work with big brands and great people as part of our core team or network, we’d love to hear from you.