A diverse community of strategic, independent marketing leaders.

A new way of working designed for the needs of businesses and talent today

We are a global community of leading marketing experts, working independently; committed to the potential of collective support.  Together we unleash our best potential to unlock greater value for the businesses we work with, as well as ourselves. 

Today’s business needs are not always best served by yesterday’s talent models. The skills, perspectives and experiences to answer one challenge are likely different to those needed to answer the next. The changing customer landscape demands agility and diverse thinking. Start-ups need to access experienced, first-class talent without the commitment of full-time overheads. 

At the same time, there is a growing pool of experienced, independent talent. No longer the domain of young freelancers or retired executives, this is an exciting and diverse group seeking to connect, share, learn and develop together whilst working in a different way. 

We support our talent community and the brands we work with to thrive, growing individual impact through the power of community 


Be Bold. Be Brave.

An independent qualitative research study with 30+ CMOs, that brings into focus the key challenges they are facing today and reveals the future marketing functions they want to build. 

A lot has changed – and continues to change – in marketing, but our talent models haven’t kept pace. 

Read our research report to see what CMOs are doing to overcome their greatest pain points and how talent can be deployed to tackle these challenges and accelerate impact. 

Work with an exciting and dynamic community of marketing leaders