What we do for our talent community

NEON Leaders are exceptional marketing leadership talents who have thrived in brand or agency roles and are looking for a space to connect, share, learn and develop together while working independently.  Some stay for one year, some might stay for five. No-one is on a career break.

Our community exists to support each other to succeed by enabling access to like-minded humans with diversity of thinking, and developing deeper solutions to the challenges we collectively face. 

Celebrate Independent Career Paths

We respect and support each other to continue to do brilliant work in the way that works for us, building our networks and having fun along the way.

Raise the Profile of Senior Open Talent in Marketing

We champion a progressive talent model, and the value we bring as a community to help tackle the key challenges in marketing today.

Built by Members, for Members

We build the community through invitations and referrals and don’t charge a membership fee, rather, all members are active in building and developing the community.



If you’re interested to join our community and have a minimum of 15 years marketing experience, including leadership positions, we’d love to hear from you.