May 13, 2020

NEON Leaders, The First Ever Senior Marketer Resource Collective, Launches in Hong Kong

In the midst of seismic changes in working practices and the growing need for flexible resources,  NEON Leaders offers companies on demand access to senior marketing leadership.

Hong Kong – 12 May 2020:

Against the backdrop of an ever-changing working environment, NEON Leaders, the brainchild of ex-Mars Global Brand Director, Jennifer Woollford, has been created to address the need and desire for senior resource flexibility, both for companies and experienced marketers.

NEON Leaders is a collective of senior marketing directors with vast experience across multiple sectors, industries and regions, that can be contracted by companies for counsel and leadership, on-demand; from a one day workshop to a long-term project. It’s breadth of services is wide-ranging from branding to digital transformation to talent management, reflecting the prominent issues businesses are facing today.

Woollford comments: “Now more than ever, experienced leadership is imperative for businesses and brands to reignite growth and employee engagement, yet companies are faced with squeezed budgets, hiring freezes and the need to re-think their long-term talent strategies.  On-demand access to leadership resource offers a fully flexible approach, whilst also building relationships with a diverse talent pool for future employment opportunities.”

The collective, named for its brightness of thinking, is a first; it brings together a previously untapped group of senior marketers who have moved on from their traditional roles, choosing to work independently for a period of time.

Woollford continues: “We are building a formidable team of the best senior marketing leaders looking for autonomy over how and when they work.  Bringing these people together we deliver an exceptional quality of resource drawing upon the breadth and depth of the team’s collective experiences with impact, agility and cost effectiveness for the client.”

The approach appears to be working.  NEON Leaders has attracted clients in Asia Pacific and Europe within B2B and B2C marketing, and a talent pool from multi-national companies and global brands.

The talent pipeline and adapting to modern workforces

The desire from talent for greater flexibility around how and when they work has long been on the increase, yet that there is still a dominant view that working in any way other than full time and permanent employment throughout one’s career is reflective of a lack of commitment.  This is something NEON Leaders is on a mission to change.

NEON Leaders gives senior marketers the opportunity to stay plugged into the industry and work collectively with other talent, tackling new challenges and accessing new opportunities, but without the need for commitment to the usual working norms.  Whether talent are looking for time to explore their next permanent role, broaden their experiences, focus on their well-being or have more time to spend with their families, NEON Leaders offers an alternative option to a linear career path, keeping a diverse talent pipeline alive. NEON Leaders brings a unique focus on leadership talent who want to work in a flexible way for a period of time whilst continuing to develop their experiences and networks for future employment. And for the client, it’s exceptional talent without the financial burden.